Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

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Beginner Profile: Who are you?

Let’s start from the very beginning. Who qualifies as a beginner? Just because you don’t sew professionally or commercially does not mean you are new to the sewing scene. Maybe you have got some experience as a hobby and now wish to take up the task on a more business-like fashion. Whatever your case, you may need to consider that there is not a shoe that fits all in the sewing machine hunt process. It is highly likely that what works for you may not work for your neighbour and vice versa. Having said this, it is a well-known fact that some machines in the market have NOT been designed for beginners at all. So, just because the ad boasts “user-friendly” it doesn’t mean it will be easy to use for anyone who is just beginning to get familiar with the art of garment construction.


Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

How to Choose A Best One?

First off we should start by checking out what is available on the market for you and your budgeting needs. There are several models that may work well with first-time users, but in order to be of further help in your search, we have stuck to the most widely-recognised world brands. Here are some of the most sought after models for beginners..

Singer 2259 Tradition

This easy-to-sew free arm machine is a classic among beginners who choose it for its simplicity, lightweight structure and affordable price. This free-arm model comes equipped with 19 different sewing stitches and boasts quick and simple threading processes. Its accessories include four snap-on presser feet and one fully automatic 4-step buttonhole. Just the thing you may be looking for to get started.

Brother XL2600i

This is a highly-versatile, easy to use model which will adapt easily to simple tasks. It comes with 25 built-in stitching patterns which are very easy to use. Fit for dressmaking, quilting and decorating, the Brother xl2600i comes with accessories that make the uneasy learner feel comfortable when performing tasks such as threading, winding or replacing bobbins. Less sophisticated than similar models, the Brother makes it much easier for beginners to focus on the sewing itself and not waste time reading long, complex manuals or watching tutorials. Outgrowing this one will not take place overnight. Once you have mastered the first steps of sewing, you will find this model will help you to move forward to a more advanced level without the need of purchasing a new machine. Click to read the detailed Brother XL2600i Review.

Singer 7258

This well-known, award-winning machine has been carefully designed to meet all kinds of needs. At first sight you may think some of its features are overwhelming. Yes – it is speedier and better-equipped than most other models- However, high-class technology can be made simple and this item proves it. It has a visible frontal bobbin case, plus foot replacement has become easy and practical, too. You get a DVD that will help beginners to get fully acquainted with the machine’s specifications. Check out the Singer 7258 Review for more details.

If you identify yourself as a beginner and want to have one to start, then you can take a look at the above listed options. They have been proved to be newbie-friendly and easy to get started. No need to worry about your sewing skills level; just pick one and try out yourself.

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