Brother cs6000i Review – Computerized Sewing Machine With 60 Built in Stitches

Brother cs6000i Review – Computerized Sewing Machine With 60 Built in Stitches – The Brother CS6000i is far more than a standard sewing machine. Affordable and fairly lightweight, it provides a wide range of automated tasks and adjustments that would otherwise call for carefully-trained eyes and hands.

Brother cs6000i Review - Computerized Sewing Machine With 60 Built in Stitches

Brother cs6000i Review – Computerized Sewing Machine With 60 Built in Stitches

Brother CS6000i Main Features

One of the reasons that this machine will surprise you is it features 60 computer-programmed stitching patterns which include:
• 20 decorative stitches
• 20 garment construction stitches
• 7 quilting stitches 6 heirloom stitches

All of these stitching options can be easily selectable via the LCD display which will not only show you what the pattern looks like, but will also display a sample pattern. Another top feature in this wonderful model is an automatic needle thread helper and a free arm that enables the user to work on cuffs, sleeves, and hems with greater precision and comfort. In fact, this particular model takes invisible hem stitching to a completely professional level since its triple-stretch stitch secures seams in such a way that they will look totally seamless. It’s overcast and zigzag stitches can make your clothes last longer by preventing future fraying from taking place prematurely. The fine art of buttonhole making is made accessible to everyone by using any of the seven buttonhole stitches provided within the model.

Brother CS6000i Review

Accessories Included With Brother CS6000i

This machine comes equipped with more accessories than most of its standard competitors. Together with the purchase of each model you will get:
• Seam Ripper
• Needle Set
• Cleaning Brush
• Screwdriver
• Spool Spin
• Three Spool Caps
• Walking, spring-action quilting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, buttonhole and button fitting feet
• Three Bobbins
• Eyelet Punch

In all, all units of this machine preview top comments from happy users who own to have made a wise choice. Although this model may strike as a bit complex, at first sight, you will soon learn that it does everything you could do with a sewing device more easily than expected. If you are still in doubt, you can visit Amazon to check more than 2,900 customer comments and you will definitely love it.

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