Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine Reviews

If you are looking for a heavy duty industrial machine, you may have heard of this kind of machine. Designed to meet the most demanding needs as regards heavy weight materials, this type of model is not fit for light, everyday projects. It consists mainly of a two to three piece foot mechanism which keeps the material pressed down permanently, thus, preventing heavy material from slipping. It is best for working on leather, canvas, vinyl, upholstery and fur. When looking for this type of equipment, though, you should bear in mind that not all models available on the market are truly industrial. In general, lockstitch machines fall into three categories:

Drop Feed: In this model, the needle moves up and down and some come with a walking foot. They work well on light to medium materials.

Needle Feed: In this case the needle makes the semi-circle.

Compound Feed with Walking Foot: These models are meant to sew heavy materials, especially for leather, canvas, upholstery, etc.

Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine Reviews

Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine Reviews

Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine Reviews

Most first class companies offer a wide range of models to choose from. This is a list of the most sought-after machines.

Chandler 406RB-1:

This model can sew up to/8″ of soft to medium temper leather, with up to number 207 nylon or polyester thread. It features a flat bed with 10 ½ “of inside clearance which makes it perfect to work on the automobile seat and couch covers. There are several styles of pressing feet available for all kinds of particular tasks together with a bobbin safety mechanism which prevents a thread from jamming when loose. All machines come equipped with a ½ hp horsepower clutch motor and a solid wood industrial sewing table.

Singer Industrial 111w155:

This model is as heavy duty as it gets. This one can tackle industrial working as effectively as this one. Especially fit for sewing leather of all widths, this equipment can work for hours on end. It is a triple feed machine which features standard industrial bobbin and either a 1/3 or ½ hp motors. Even when it does not do reverse sewing, it is still widely used in the world of industrial cloth fabrication. It can sew chaps, straps, vinyl and upholstery very effectively. Its needles and accessories are very affordable and easy to get.

Consew 206RB-5:

Another tough one, this model has been designed to fit industrial work to its maximum capacity. They can sew medium density leather, vinyl, webbing, bioplastic, heavy canvas and all home-decoration fabrics by using a pretty heavy thread. It offers a flat bed with a clearance wide enough to hold couch and seat covers as well as leather garments, wallets, belts, book covers, bags and other types of items. The Consew features multiple accessories. Furthermore, its semi-automatic oiling system for hooks and moving parts is a real time-saver. The machine has a large, horizontal axis rotary hook that makes use of a big M- style bobbin and a triple feed with an adjustable lift inner foot.

To sum up, for heavy industrial sewing machines, the above three models are recommended and you can try out yourself to see whether they work or not and don’t forget to check the best sewing sewing machine for beginners.

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